Traveling Excitement 1/17/13

There’s always a sort of excitement that goes hand in hand with travel. Whether its the rush of getting everything prepped, the race to get there on time, or the actual destination, it’s always exciting in one way or another. This weekend brings some traveling excitement all it’s own. Abigail, Hosea, and I are heading to Nashville for a cross cultural orientation and interview weekend. The interview is for a potential position in South America. It’s actually a little funny that we are going to Nashville for this trip because we just barely missed the interview weekend in Kansas City, which would have meant no travel. Also no excitement that goes with travel. Anyway, let me just testify to how amazing the Lord has been with his providence on this weekend.
#1 We have a place to stay in St. Louis (half way point) thank you Proutys
#2 we have a place to stay in Nashville these both include meals �� Thank you Kimbre!
#3 we have people to watch Hosea!

All this despite the fact that we have never been to Nashville. It just feels like the Lords will is really and truly in this and when it feels like that it is beautiful! We love travel for sure. Even more than travel we love to watch the Lords providence in action! Thanks for supporting us

Change 1/10/13

Change has always been a fact of life that has greatly interested me. Change is defined by is a verb (used with object)
1. to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone: to change one’s name; to change one’s opinion; to change the course of history.
2. to transform or convert (usually followed by into): The witch changed the prince into a toad.
3. to substitute another or others for; exchange for something else, usually of the same kind: She changed her shoes when she got home from the office.

I was googling things on change while preparing to write this blog, and I came across a sweet poem that I wanted to share:
When God Chooses Our Change

So often we’ve chosen our changes,
Then wondered if we did right,
But when God chooses a change for us,
In that change, we can delight;
The greatest of joy is realized
In the center of His will,
When we know for certain we are there…
His purposes to fulfill.

Sometimes the change He chooses for us
Is not what we had in mind,
And when it happens so suddenly,
There’s no time to look behind;
But we can always trust our Shepherd
To do what is good and right,
For He is the Judge of all the earth…
The King of Glory and Might.

“Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?”
“I delight to do thy will, O my God:
yea, thy law is within my heart.”
(Gen 18:25; Ps 40:8)

One of the things I love about change is that it always seems to bring something new, whether that be something we want or not. I know that change is constanty occuring in our lives as God weaves us sinners into his perfect tapestry. I want to talk a little about the cahnge that has occurrd in our lives since we moved back from Haiti. The first change coming with our actual move back to the states, relearning how to live in this country of abundance without becoming embittered has been a challenge. Relearning that it is a daily struggle to keep our minds and hearts focused on the Lord and not on our material circumstances. The next change is that we have moved twice in the time we have been back. And the third, perhaps most fun, and wonderful is starting this fun adventure as a family. Hosea is a little over 5 months old now, smiles constantly (except around cameras), and we just get so excited when we begin to think about the opportunity to raise him up to love the Lord. It is both a huge responsibility, and privilege to have this chance. All of these changes have without a doubt been good. When we turn our hearts to the maker and allow him to shepherd us it is bound to be good! I want to leave you with this final qoute from C.S. Lewis that I read on twitter this morning. “You thought you were being made into a decent little cottage but He is building a palace. He intends to come & live in it Himself”

Hosea’s First Road Trip

October 18th, 2012

Last weekend we took Hosea on his first road trip! It was so much fun. We went to Oklahoma City to visit old friends from college. Hosea did great on the road and even made a friend, Brooks, who is 6 weeks older. He’s the son of my good friend Amanda and we had a blast swapping stories about parenting, cloth diapers, and other baby stuff. We took a field trip to a cloth diaper/natural baby store called Green Bambino and even got a little crafty and made our own dryer balls! So fun!

We also had breakfast with Stephanie and Obed, learned parenting tips & tricks from Mary, gained wisdom from Howard, and caught up with Tiffany, Reba, and Tony.
I had a great time getting to see old friends and I’d forgotten how much I loved living in Oklahoma City… mostly because of the great people I met while I was there. We also had a good time eating at our favorite restaurants: sushi at Pachinko Parlor, cupcakes at Sara Sara, and lunch at Jimmy’s Egg.

Everyone loved getting to meet Hosea and I was so proud of his road tripping skills! I’m in a much different place in life than I was when I lived in OKC. God has done so much in my life since I’d last visited and it was great to share that with friends I hadn’t seen in a while.
Hosea and Brooks even played together (as well as infants can play)!


Seeking to Serve

Tomorrow will mark our 38th week of pregnancy. We wait with excitement as the Lord continues to grow our baby boy, and entrust us with one of His children. We are just enjoying life right now, and leaning on the providence of God.

I am constantly amazed at how much God provides for us. He has given us a place to stay, food to eat, and a family! What incredible gifts. There is not much more that we can ask for. We are currently just trying to follow after His will, so if that means moving our young family abroad, then we absolutely yearn to do that. On the other hand, if it means staying in the states for awhile, then with joyful hearts we would do that as well.

Pray for clear vision, and a boldness to walk through doors that God has opened.

Yours in the Battle,
The Carrs

Back in the States

May 8th, 2012

We’ve been back in the states for a little over a month now, and have been going non-stop until recently. We went to Arkansas and Texas for ten days, got back to KC and moved into a little place at 55th and the Paseo near Rockhurst University.

We feel at peace about having moved back, knowing it’s the Lord’s will for this time in our lives. As Abigail’s belly gets bigger and the due date approaches, we find ourselves relying on the Lord to provide for us in our day to day needs.

Haiti was a wonderful season in our life, one where we were able to listen to the voice of the Lord in a way that we had never done before. It was an amazing blessing for our marriage; we learned so much about communicating with one another and encouraging each other. I’ll post more later about our overview of Haiti, and how the Lord blessed us abundantly. Thanks for your prayers and loving support!


Warriors in Our Midst

February 19th, 2012

The term “prayer warrior” is one that we hear frequently, if not cavalierly. Prayer is a nice thing, right? We lift up simple prayers before bed and before meals. Anyone and everyone prays, right? Why then do we so often pair such a seemingly common act with the word “warrior”? What about prayer makes one a warrior?

John Piper writes in Let the Nations Be Glad, “So the truth is reaffirmed: God has given us prayer because Jesus has given us a mission. We are on this earth to press back the forces of darkness, and we are given access to headquarters by prayer to advance this cause. When we try to turn it into a civilian intercom to increase our conveniences, it stops working, and our faith begins to falter. We have so domesticated prayer that for many of us it is no longer what it was designed to be-a wartime walkie-talkie for the accomplishment of Christ’s mission.
“We simply must seek for ourselves and for our people a wartime mentality. Otherwise the biblical teaching about the urgency of prayer and the vigilance of prayer and the watching in prayer and the perseverance of prayer and the danger of abandoning prayer will make no sense and find no resonance in our hearts. Until we feel the desperation of a bombing raid or the thrill of a new strategic offensive for the gospel, we will not pray in the spirit of Jesus.
“The crying need of the hour is to put the churches on a wartime footing. Mission leaders are crying out, “Where is the church’s concept of militancy, of a mighty army willing to suffer, moving ahead with exultant determination to take the world by storm? Where is the risk-taking, the launching out on God alone?” The answer is that it has been swallowed up in a peacetime mentality.”

Jake and I were blessed to spend the day along side three men who definitely fit into the term of “prayer warrior”. These three men have traveled from Kansas City to spend a week in Haiti. The purpose of the trip? Prayer. They will be going to all of our orphan villages, and showering them with prayer.

Today we attended church in Dargout, Hait. Some of you may know it as Kesnel’s. After the service the five of us walked through the boy’s homes, the classrooms, the church, and Kesnel’s office. The prayers that were poured out in each of these places was filled with an urgency, a vigilance, a watching, and a perseverance. Lastly before we left the village we showered Kesnel and his wife, Yanik, in prayer, with the three men who came to pray each making a vow to daily prayer for the Pastor and his wife.

Later on in the day we walked to another village, Pastor Calixte’s. The pastor was away at a church meeting, but his son Jacob joined us to pray for the children, to pray for the pastor and his marriage, to pray for the Lord to send His mighty spirit down. In this way, the gates of hell were pushed back.

On our walk back to the Jumecourt Inn we stopped by our other pastor partner named Claude. While he knelt we all laid hands upon him and praised the Lord for him. We gave thanks for his hard work, and we asked the Lord to give him strength and shower his love upon Claude. After praying for Claude we ran into pastor Calixte, who then allowed us to pray for him. Then we each walked around Claude’s village and prayed over the entire place.

This day, being able to pray, and only having prayer on the agenda, has been an incredible blessing. More days need to be set aside for prayer, more days need to be filled with prayer. I, for one, have been humbled today, and I know I will work harder to fit the term “prayer warrior”.

I know there are others in the States who are daily praying for the battle here, and on behalf of the Global Orphan Project, I want to give thanks. Thanks for praying, thanks for fighting for us and our ministry partners, thanks for being warriors. We love and are grateful for you all.

*originally published on The Global Orphan Project website at

All Three of Us, Safe and Sound

January 11th, 2012

Hey Everybody!

We have now been back in Haiti for a little over a week. But to help you understand how exciting life is, I’m going to have to backtrack to right before we visited the states six weeks ago.
By the end of November we started to wonder if Abby could be pregnant, but every test we took in Haiti came back negative. I guess you get what you pay for as we were able to purchase five tests for a dollar. 🙂 The day after we got back to the states we took another pregnancy test and learned that we were five weeks pregnant!
So fast forward six weeks, to our return to Haiti. We are back to coordinating trips that come to Haiti with Global Orphan Project, and we are back to playing with Haitian kids. We absolutely love the work that the Lord has allowed us to do. Its not easy, but its good!
Our plan is to be here until April 2nd, at which point we’ll head back to the states for Abby’s third trimester. We will be 13 weeks along tomorrow, and the baby is due July 19th. We have no idea where we’ll live, where we’ll work, or what we’ll do. But we are very sure of the fact that God will provide for us and our future child!
We are so excited to be back in Haiti hosting trips at the Jumecourt Inn. We get to meet so many cool people from churches all across the country. It’s great to learn from them and swap stories of why we came to Haiti and what orphan care means to us.

We appreciate your prayers in the coming months for the following:
-That we’d be able to minister effectively to all the teams that visit.
-For our baby’s health and safety.
-That we’d be able to clearly discern God’s plans for us and our next steps once we return to the states in April.

Thank you guys so much for your prayers and support!