July 2014 Ministry Update

Hey folks,

So I’ve decided to write monthly updates about our fundraising/ministry goals (and hopefully other posts scattered in between too!) and this is the first one!

A couple days after returning from our trip to the beach we started our first online class for the 365m program at Nazarene Theological Seminary. It’s called “Contextual Education: Financial Partnership in Mission” which basically means we are introduced to new perspectives on fundraising. Starting the class, we were under the impression that it was going to help us learn how to ask people for money… that’s what fundraising is right?! Well, we were wrong. This class has been so formative for us. We’re learning how to invite people to partner with us in ministry, not just raise money. Everyone in the church is called to be involved in cross-cultural ministry, but not everyone can be the ones who “go”. We need support from prayer warriors, financial partners, people willing to share their time and talents, and wisdom from those who have gone before us to help “send” the ones called to “go”. Thankfully, throughout the past few months we have been able to experience firsthand these many types of support.

-We have had close friends and family give financially.

-We have had close friends commit to praying for us on a specific day each week or month.

-In the planning of our fundraiser party, we have friends and family donating their time and talents. Desserts, dancing, bagpiping (Thanks, Dad!), decorating ideas, prizes, etc. (Want to attend? Click here for details!)

-We even have a generous partner who is going to match every dollar made at the fundraiser party! This will double our funds raised that evening.

-We’ve been able to share our story in two Sunday School classes and 1 church congregation so far and the people have been so warm and generous!

We had to reach a goal of raising 25% of our funds by August 1st. Even though the majority of our speaking engagements, meetings, and fundraisers are scheduled for later this fall, we were able to meet our goal.

God has answered so many prayers. I’m continually amazed at how He not only provides for our needs, but many of our desires as well. Since our relationship began, it has been on our hearts to do cross-cultural ministry and we are SO excited that this is now a family endeavor! God’s timing is always perfect.

Thank you so much, much√≠simas gracias, and mesi anpil to those who have already given of their finances, time and talents. You are making sacrifices and doing good work for the kingdom; may your faith be strengthened and your joy be renewed! We are still looking for people to partner with us in any of the ways I’ve mentioned. As you seek The Lord’s guidance, please keep the following prayer requests in mind.

-Our fundraiser party is happening on Friday! I’ve been overwhelmed with getting everything ready and I want it to be fun and meaningful, not stressful.

-We are moving from Olathe to KCMO starting August 18th. I will be almost 33 weeks pregnant so I won’t be much help besides keeping track of Hosea. Involved in this is getting rid of a bunch of our stuff, selling what we can, and packing away what we can do without.

-We are speaking at churches in Shawnee, Oklahoma and Lee’s Summit, MO in August. Pray for calm nerves (more for me than for John… he doesn’t seem to get nervous!), and that people’s hearts would be opened to partnering with us.

-So far my pregnancy is going very well and I’m thoroughly enjoying it! Prayers that this would continue are much appreciated.

-Continued prayers for Hosea and all these upcoming transitions (moving twice, baby’s arrival, leaving family, etc.). He has a sensitive heart.

-We are seeking people who are willing to come alongside us by staying up to date on our blog, emailing us to check in, holding us accountable to the commitments we’ve made here and overseas, and supporting us financially. Maybe this is you?

-Prayers for those we’ll meet and work with in Northern Ireland; pray that our lives would reflect the love of Christ and that they would come to know Him, that our knowledge of cross-cultural ministry and church development would be grown and strengthened!

How can we pray for you?


P.S- We leave in less than 6 months!!!