August 2014 Ministry Update

I’m proud to say that we have survived the month of August. We got in a little over our heads with everything we had planned! We started off the first weekend with an Irish-themed fundraiser party. Many of our friends weren’t able to make it but it was still a great success! We had Irish dancing, bagpiping, a dessert auction, and time to catch up with friends and family. One of my favorite parts was getting to see all the kiddos enjoy the Irish dancing! They jumped right in and had a blast. Even Hosea and a few other 2 year-olds danced with us! I’m 31 weeks along in this first picture. And the second one is of Hosea wearing Gabe’s old kilt from when he was two! It matches my dad’s and they’re made from the McCrummen tartan. Hosea had a blast playing the chanter!

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Overall, we had a wonderful (albeit exhausting!) time and God definitely blessed our event.

Four days later we took off for Wichita, KS. I attended a 3-day conference (and am now a Certified Breastfeeding Educator, hooray!) while John and Hosea explored the town. They went to Tanganyika Wildlife Park, the Sedgwick County Zoo, Exploration Place, and enjoyed the hotel pool. Hosea thought staying in a hotel was pretty amazing and really enjoyed the elevators. Every time the doors opened or closed he would say, “Thank you alligator door!!”  10427366_3038013467992_1245139464763592684_n 10561554_3038013427991_6308476545666547471_n

From there we drove down to Oklahoma City and stayed with friends for the weekend. We were able to see several of my friends from college and had the opportunity to share about our ministry in Northern Ireland. The purpose of this trip was to speak on Sunday morning at First Church of the Nazarene in Shawnee, OK. We were so warmly welcomed by this congregation! John did a great job with the sermon and spoke about 3 John and how we are to serve THE name (of Jesus) and not our own names. I even had the blessing of singing ‘Not for a Moment’ by Meredith Andrews. “After all, you are constant. After all, you are only good. After all, you are sovereign. Not for a moment will you forsake me.” These lines are repeated throughout the song and really speak to me. God has always provided for us and I have faith that He will continue to be our provider. This church family was so financially generous to us and they even took us out to lunch afterward at a delicious Italian restaurant!

We also got to spend an afternoon in Mustang, OK with my friend Reba and Hosea was in paradise with the horses and tractors! 

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He got to ride Charlie with Reba and ride in a tractor. I was so impressed with how brave he was. He still remembers all the horses’ names too! I’m 32 weeks along in this 4th photo.

The day we returned from our Wichita/OKC trip, we started packing up boxes at our apartment in Olathe. The next day we got the key to our new rental house in Kansas City, MO and started moving in! Some friends from our Life Group helped us immensely by helping John move all the big stuff and helping clean the apartment once everything was out. Moving while pregnant is hard work! And I must not have learned my lesson, because we moved while I was pregnant with Hosea too! Moving week was busy and so Hosea got to spend some time with his cousin Levi while he was here visiting my mom. John and I also went to the Nickel Creek Concert with my dad and brother Gabe, and as if we weren’t busy enough, I even took Hosea to meet Daniel Tiger in Topeka.

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We are pretty much settled into our new place and Hosea is loving all the extra space! He spends his time at home running from room to room and spinning around in circles, all while giggling. When we pull up into the driveway he says, “NEW HOUSE WOOHOO!” So I think he’s happy here 🙂

We got to enjoy a Sunday at our church and then this past weekend we visited and spoke at New Beginnings Church in Lee’s Summit. We were there on what seemed like the perfect Sunday for us because it was a time of sharing stories of what God has done in people’s lives. John spoke for 5-7 minutes about 365m, what we will be doing in Northern Ireland, and what we feel God has called us to long term, and we ended up receiving a very generous donation from this church! I am blown away by the ways in which God chooses to provide for us during this time. We have received more financial gifts and support from people we’ve never met than from people we know. Our God is mysterious, isn’t He?

We finished the afternoon getting to celebrate baby Carr #2 with a fun baby shower thrown by some ladies at our church. More blessings abound!

September will be filled with more travel and speaking engagements. We ask for your prayers again for those events and for a continued healthy pregnancy! We’ve also been trying to find time to get schoolwork done, so pray for us in that regard too. We are humbled to be on this journey of service to our amazing God.