A New Type of Adventure

I have a lot of cool friends, and many of them are currently traveling the world. Because I also have a “thing” for travel, I enjoy checking out their photos on Facebook from time to time. Recently I was looking through an old friend’s photo album when something caught my eye. This person was wearing the EXACT same backpack that I have! Now, this isn’t a rare occurrence. It’s one of those Osprey day-packs that Backwoods used to give away on your birthday (if you spent $50 at their store that year). Almost everyone I know has that backpack! By looking at these photos, I was immediately struck by how great this bag is for adventure. I’ve taken it with me on countless trips, from several visits to Mexico and Haiti and all across the U.S. too. In fact, it even made it on our most recent trip to Northern Ireland, but this time with a slightly different role.

It’s a diaper bag.

Now, part of me is thinking, “Man! What a waste of an awesome hiking pack! It has all these great pockets, has survived so much wear and tear, and has a lot of life left in it for more travel adventures.” And the other part of me is thinking, “What a great new use for this backpack! It’s the perfect size for everything I need for a day out with my boys.”
And I’m letting the latter part of my thoughts take over because, you know what? I AM taking this backpack on new adventures. And I’m not talking about traipsing all over the UK and Ireland with it, I’m talking about the adventure that comes along with being a parent.
Like all adventures, this one has its shining (and not so shiny) moments. Unlike other adventures, this one has me more emotionally invested than ever. There aren’t enough words in this world for me to describe the love and joy in my life that has come about because of these two little guys. And boy, is it the biggest adventure of my life or what?! Every day I am challenged in new ways, my patience is tested, I make mistakes, and I learn new things about myself and how to be a better mom.

So, Osprey backpack, thanks for not being too “choosy” with the adventures you go on. You used to hold a camera, Clif bars, water bottles, and an extra shirt… but now you’re just perfect for diapers, wipes, snacks, and an extra set of clothes for the boys.

Thanks for taking me on great adventures. But more importantly, thanks for joining me on the GREATEST adventure of my life, mommyhood.


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