Lenten Devo 3: “In Heaven”

**John and I were tasked with writing some devotionals alongside Ruth for the Lenten season. Our theme for these 40 days is The Lord’s Prayer. This is my first one and is about Our Father “in heaven”. It fell on Day 8 of this series.**

In Heaven

Reading: Revelation 22:1-5

If someone told me there was a place on earth as beautiful as that description in Revelation 22, I’d probably think, “I’ll believe it when I see it!” I mean, just imagine: a crystal clear river alongside a tree with 12 different kinds of fruit, all of which are available to eat every month (surely there’s no tree like that on this earth?). There’s even a throne in the middle of the city, no need for a lamp because there will be no night, and God will provide the light! The only reason I know I can believe a place like this exists is because I can trust what the scriptures say to be true. I know our God is big and can create a place more beautiful than what our human words can describe.

Besides the beautiful imagery of heaven, my favourite piece of this scripture is the part about how the healing of the nations will be represented by leaves on the tree. What a beautiful thought! In heaven, peace will abound.

Peace and healing among the nations is something I confess I do not pray for very often. It seems too big a job for someone small like me. But then I remember that our God is BIG!

How can we promote healing of the nations on a small scale in our daily lives? For me, it looks like healing my relationships.

French author, Jules Renard says,

“On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it.”

What are some ways we can catch a glimpse of heaven here on earth?

If you’re like me, maybe you think about heaven sometimes. Let’s also think about healing, and the magnificence that is God wiping away our tears, our pain, our mourning, and our sorrow. (Rev. 21:4)



Today let’s pray for the leaders and young people who attend drop-in on Wednesday nights.

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