Lenten Devo 7: Hallowed Be Your Name

**John and I were tasked with writing some devotionals alongside Ruth for the Lenten season. Our theme for these 40 days is The Lord’s Prayer. This is one of mine and is about the phrase “Hallowed be your name”. It fell on Day 15 of this series.**

Reading: Luke 11:1-2

When John and I found out we were expecting our first baby, we had such a fun time choosing a name. We decided we wanted something biblical and unique, but nothing too “out there”. After much discussion, we eventually landed on one. We realized that it was much harder to choose a name than we had thought it would be! We wanted something that had a great story behind it and could be (somewhat) easily pronounced. We didn’t want our child to be embarrassed by it or deemed “too common”. I mean, this was his NAME after all! People would be saying it every day of his life, and he would be stuck with what we chose for him. He only gets this one name for the entirety of his life. A name is a big deal.
I’m sure you’ve heard people at church refer to God, or Jesus, in various ways. Our Healer, Prince of Peace, Alpha & Omega, Lion of Judah, Our Provider, Bread of Life, Everlasting Father, and one of my favorites, Wonderful Counselor. Isn’t it amazing that our God has all these names? There are so many different qualities about him that there isn’t just one name to encompass them all. And for every unique situation that we find ourselves in, there is a specific name of God that we can call out. God, Our Ever Present Help in Trouble.
In The Lord’s Prayer we have “your name” preceded by the word “hallowed”. What does hallowed mean? To honor as Holy. Sacred. Blessed. Consecrated. Sanctified. Revered.
“Hallowed” only appears twice in the Bible (Matthew 6 and Luke 11) and both times it refers to The Lord’s Prayer and the phrase “Hallowed be your name”.
We may think our earthly names are important… but God’s name, it is Hallowed! Praise Him for being more than just an earthly name.

Today let’s pray for our Sunday School teachers.

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