Sunday Confessional

I confess that today was a good day. And that Sundays are my jam.

I love Sundays. I often leave the house an hour early so that I can be there for Praise Band rehearsal, and I treasure the few minutes I get to myself as I walk down to the community centre where we meet. A few minutes to think, pray, and take a breath.

It’s especially fun (i.e. interesting) to sing at church on a day when John is preaching. As we’re finishing up going over the last couple songs before the service begins, I see John come in wrangling both boys on his own, always playing the part of “Super Dad” with the superpower of endless patience. I give them all a quick hug before I’m back up front for the service to begin. While singing, I get to watch my boys worship in their seats. Moses likes to call out in his loud baby-voice whenever he hears music, so there’s that, but also there’s my big boy clinging onto his daddy. He doesn’t know it, but that’s a huge way his little body can praise God; enjoying a few minutes where his mind can hear the music and listen to the love-filled words while safe in the arms of his earthly father. At some point Hosea goes off to the creche and as we sing our last song, I quickly get to my seat and take over being in charge of the baby. This is when John goes up to the front and starts to preach. Then, once he’s finished, we swap places again when it’s time for the praise band to close the service with more music.

I love these “tag team” Sundays, and I missed this experience last week! Hosea’s first few chicken pox had just started appearing so John stayed home with him (and Moses). The worst part was when I left the house and Hosea was crying his little eyes out,

“But I want to go to church! I love church! I don’t like my chicken pox! I want to go to church!

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were really tough. Poor Hosea was itchy all over, had a fever and incoming molars, and even had chicken pox on his tongue (which made eating VERY difficult)! He was really achy (who can blame him?), so we held him most of the time. He was hungry but broke into tears with every bite because of his swollen gums and sore tongue…So he ate a lot of homemade popsicles. He was sweaty from his fever, and a greasy/sticky mess from the anti-itch cream I made him. We couldn’t really go anywhere because he didn’t feel good and so we watched movies, drank tea, gave him oatmeal baths, read a lot of books, and cuddled on pillows and blankets in the living room.

As the week progressed, things started to improve, and we were able to get outside for a bit, and thankfully made it to church this morning! A day to focus on God, family, and rest? Yes please! Sunday morning is our family’s favorite part of the week. The people there are our Northern Irish family, and it stinks when we don’t get to see them! I told Hosea that I was soooo happy we could all go to church together today and he said, “me too!”

I love Sundays, but I especially love that Hosea loves them too.

I confess that I’m not always grateful when the hard days come around, but today was made better because we got through hard days this week.

I’ve made my confession, now go make yours.

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