Sunday Confessional

I confess that we have been in Northern Ireland for a week now.  This past week has been very low key.  We had a few activities, but mostly our only responsibilities were to get settled, and get over the time change.

I confess that we made it down to town. Larne is the town, and we take, according to the timetables online, a 13 minute (though I think it was less) bus ride.  The bus dropped us off near some stores and we did some grocery shopping, and got library cards.  It was a good little trip, and it got the boys out of the house. I also confess that we ate lunch at a smallish restaurant called The Upper Crust because we missed our bus by five minutes and had two hours for the next one. We had mince pie, chips, and salad.

I confess that I have loved this past week.  I am incredibly proud of the way our boys seem to be adapting to life in Northern Ireland.  Hosea, once he warms up is making some fast friends. I think we’re all making fast friends.  I am struck by the outpouring of generosity towards us.  It seems that we really did not need to bring any bags of stuff with us, as all of our needs have been exceeded.  I confess that many days I come before God in prayer and I am at a loss for words.  I don’t know the words to thank him for His incredible providence.  It seems fitting that for lent our church is going to work through forty days of prayer and the sermon series will revolve around the Lord’s prayer. I confess that I really stand in awe of our mighty Father who provides everything all the time.

I confess that I am thankful for the redemption of Jesus.  I confess that I am thankful for the family that Christianity creates.  I confess that I feel as though the Lord has filled me up, and I pray as Paul did that he would pour me out like a drink offering.  I confess that every last drop of me would be best used in service to God.

I’ve made my confession, now its time to go make yours.

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