Sunday Confessional

I confess that today has been crazy. Good for sure, but crazy.  We woke up, ate breakfast and walked to church. I confess that church was a cathartic experience for me today.  I needed some time where I could lift up my hands and praise God with other believers.  Today was the new member service at Millbrook, and also baptism Sunday.  There is something wonderful about going to a different country and culture and participating in activities that are so similar to what I would have been doing.

I confess that I forgot Valentine’s Day. Or at least I didn’t do anything for Valentine’s Day.  Part of me wants to say I’ll show her my love everyday like that, but I still think its fun to get my Abigail a gift or in someway show a new expression of love.  I confess that what I would really love is to take her out to dinner, just the two of us. I have hopes that I’ll be able to do that soon, we just would need to find someone to watch the kids. As we settle into this community, I think there will be plenty of willing friends.  Perhaps in the meantime I’ll surprise her with a gift.

I confess that Moses has been having trouble sleeping. That’s not entirely true, he sleeps just fine if one of us is holding him, but will only sleep in twenty minute stretches by himself.  I confess that this makes me tired.

I confess that we are going to attempt to toilet train Hosea this week. I confess that even if it doesn’t “take”, I don’t really want to put him back into cloth diapers. I’m growing weary of washing diapers all the time, and he seems to get his pants wet more often than not.

I confess that I love my wife more than I ever thought I could love another person.  She teaches me so much about life.  I confess that I love my boys in an equal, yet different way.  My boys teach me so much about my own relationship with God, and for that I am rather in awe.  I confess that the redemption of Christ brings me to my knees, and I confess that I am thankful beyond words.

I’ve made my confession, now its time for you to go make yours.

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