Sunday Confessional

I confess that I got caught up in the flow of life and missed my confession for last week.

I confess that about a year ago my lower back was hurting so bad that I went to physical therapy.  They diagnosed my back pain as stemming from my right hip. There is a joint in between the sacrum and the ilium called the sacroiliac! or S.I. joint. The S.I. Joint is weight bearing joint that supports the spine, and because mine was messing up, I was experiencing a lot of lower back pain. The therapy helped, and I hadn’t felt any pain until around three weeks ago. My back pain slowly came back (though not as intense), and this week I’ve spent time revisiting my stretches. The stretches are helping, but I confess I would covet some prayers.

I confess that we got to speak at a Wednesday night missions meeting about our time in Haiti.  It was a good opportunity to share a bit of our story, and to hear the hearts of believers around the world, and how God is speaking His mission into their lives.  The church was so welcoming and even took up an offering for us. I confess that if I used hashtags I would write #blessed.

I confess that we went to see a castle, which is the best preserved norman castle on the island. Its called Carrickfergus castle, and the surrounding town is its namesake. Hosea loved the castle, and I confess that Abigail and I were pretty well impressed too.

I confess that I am abysmal at snooker. A friend took me to a snooker hall and taught me how to play. It was actually really fun, good company, and an activity that demands skill. I suppose I’ll get better if he wasn’t to embarrassed to take me back. Luckily our gracious landlord was a bachelor when he lived in our house and our dinner table converts to a pool table so I can practise after the kids are in bed.

I confess I went cycling for the first time on a road bike. I should take a selfie while riding next time so everyone can see how awesome I look. It was really a great time, we road along the east coast causeway which runs next to the Irish sea. I’m looking forward to getting into better cycling shape, and building stronger relationships with the friends I cycle with.

I confess that every activity I participate in is an out-flowing of God’s grace. I am striving to live out His mission here in the Millbrook community, and I am enjoying every minute of it.

I confess that this is only possible through the blood of my Saviour. Praise be to God.

I’ve made my confession, now go make yours.

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