Sunday Confessional

I confess that in the midst of moving to Northern Ireland and engaging in relational ministry, I have also been taking classes online through NTS. I have just finished up my 9th credit hour towards a Masters Certificate in cross-cultural ministry. This is actually a really big deal for me. Three years ago when we were living in Haiti working with the GO project I had an associates (two year degree) in auto mechanics and absolutely no desire to ever go back to school. The Lord has been working on my heart and my mind and since completing a Bachelors in Applied Organizational Leadership from MNU, I’m continuing my theological education at NTS.

When Abigail and I first felt the Lord nudging us to pursue His mission through the 365m program I was hesitant, mostly because I did not want to go back to school.  When we met with the program director I remember asking him if it would be possible for Abigail to get credit, and for me to audit with just a two year degree.  I don’t remember his answer but the more we prayed about it, the more we felt like that God was calling me to go back to school.

I quit my full-time job and went back to school full-time. Abigail and I both worked part-time, and God made ends meet. My program lasted a little over a calendar year, in which time I completed 74 college hours. It was kind of intense. But besides the intensity, it was a wonderful discipline. I fell in love with learning, and found myself hungry to learn more so that I could better worship God with my mind.

Fast-forward to today, I am working toward a Master’s, we are living in Northern Ireland, and we feel like we’ve come home.

I confess that pressing into God’s mission has led me and my family down a path that I never foresaw, but also a path so marked with blessing that I am often dumbfounded.

Press into God’s mission, and see where He takes you. I dare you.

I’ve made my confession. Now go make yours.

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