Sunday Confessional: Easter Edition

I confess that awhile back I offered to write one of the weekly confessional posts if John ever felt like he didn’t have enough time. So here I am.
I confess that I can’t drive. Well I can, but only an automatic car. Here in Northern Ireland it is much more common for people to own manuals and I’ve never driven one before! John learned how to drive on a manual car way back when, so he’s been acting as my “chauffeur” these past two months. I had been planning on learning at some point, but with our schedules the way they are, it works out really well for John to just drive me where I need to go. And honestly, I’m terrified to learn! Maybe I’m stuck in my lazy automatic ways but i’m worried that by focusing on driving on the opposite side of the road, AND changing gears, that I’ll wreck our wonderful blessing of a car.
I confess that I would still be on maternity leave if I lived permanently in the UK. It is my understanding that all moms get 9 months paid maternity leave, and can choose to take off work for an additional 3 months unpaid. This is absolutely amazing to me! There is a government run program that offers all sorts of free services for new parents; Infant Massage, Baby Yoga, Baby Art, Breastfeeding Support Group and baby swimming lessons to name a few. And because of this extended maternity leave, all parents can generally participate! I love getting to benefit from these free services and groups!
I confess that we didn’t really participate in commercial Easter festivities this year. I’m okay with all the bunnies, egg hunts and egg decorating because it represents the new life that comes with Spring, and therefore the new life that is Jesus rising from the dead. And of course I’m okay with the chocolate, because let’s face it, when is chocolate ever a bad idea?! But this year we decided to focus on the resurrection. I even got a few small gifts to make Hosea an Easter basket, but decided against giving it to him because this kid seriously has TOY OVERLOAD. He’s happy enough with what he has already, so we’ll just call it good. I love the Easter holiday because there are so many people who celebrate it who don’t personally know Christ. It says to me that on some level, they are acknowledging the existence of Christ and the fact that he rose from the dead! I love this holiday even more in Northern Ireland because everyone gets a couple days (if not a week or two) off work! Yay for family time.
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On a more serious note, I confess that a heartbreaking incident with friends in college still affects how i interact with people today. I can’t seem to get over the feelings of betrayal and constantly wonder if I’m being a good friend or worthy of having good friends. I’m always wondering how to more finely walk the line between vulnerability and oversharing. Then I remember that my worth doesn’t come from what others think or what I think about myself. My God loves me the way I am, anxiety and shyness included. And that’s all I need.
What do you feel compelled to confess today?

2 thoughts on “Sunday Confessional: Easter Edition

  1. I confess that past and not so distant situations with coworkers and old friends still affects the way that I see myself and interact with people. I have some of the same fears, but I keep telling myself that God has plans to use me in people’s lives if I will be open to that. AND I am not blameless, I confess I have made many mistakes, but he uses those too 🙂 Love you sister. Miss you tons!

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