Sunday Evening Confession

I confess that after being in school all week I was pretty ready for the weekend.  Saturday we went to watch Abigail’s little brother play tennis for the last time before we go to Northern Ireland.  After the game we lunched at Swagat (Indian food) I confess that I may have eaten too much. Good Indian buffets are a weakness of mine.

I confess that after eating too much at Swagat it was much easier to pack up most of the remaining food in our kitchen to give away.

I confess that I’m not sure what my emotions are about church today.  It was our last day in our Kansas City home church, and they prayed a sending over us.

I confess that I don’t feel exactly ready for another week of classes, but I am ready (emotionally and mentally) for our move.  I confess that we have two (almost) 50lb bags packed, and I am having trouble figuring out what else to take.

I confess that I am seriously looking forward to being in Northern Ireland next Sunday, and getting to meet some of the Millbrook family.

There’s my confession, until next time. What’s yours?

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