Sunday (oops… Wednesday) Confessional

I wrote this on Sunday but never hit publish. So here we are on Wednesday, finally getting around to it!

10th of May
I confess that we did a deep clean of our home this week in anticipation of my in-laws’ arrival yesterday. I’m embarrassed to say that there were a few too many dust bunnies hiding in corners than there should have been. I’m happy to say though that I’ve never felt the need to strive for perfection when my in-laws come over. They’ve always been very accepting and encouraging of me. Once my mother-in-law said, “Don’t ever feel like you have to scrub your house clean in order for us to come over. My own mother-in-law made me feel bad if my house was dirty and I don’t want you to feel that way!” Isn’t she great?!
John’s parents are staying with us until about the 23rd of this month and then we’ll all spend a couple days in Dublin together before they fly home. It is wonderful to have extra helpers with the kids! Both the boys have changed so much since we saw them just three months ago. Moses is sitting up, eating table foods, and almost has crawling figured out. Hosea is toilet-trained and, if possible, he’s speaking even more than he had been.
I confess that I want them to get over their jet lag so we can tell them all about Northern Ireland! I’m having a hard time not bombarding them with info and things we’ve learned during our time here. It’s easy to want to make them jump right into our lives here, but they’re on holiday too and need a bit of relaxation as well. And anyway, it’s impossible to impart over three months worth of knowledge (and lessons learned from mistakes) onto someone. Some things are just better figured out on your own! I’ve already noticed a bit how our speech patterns differ from before. You can read more about this in my previous post, “Ten Things You Might Start Saying if You Move to Northern Ireland”. 🙂
On a different note, I’ve been doing a wee experiment lately. I confess I feel the need to take a break from Netflix and mobile Facebook (besides uploading photos) for a while. My mind needs space to refresh. It’s time to proverbially practice what I preach and “be present”. I’ll report back what I’ve learned, if anything 😉

What are your confessions this week?

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